Livvagt og chauffør

High Concept Personal security expert
Trouble Skeletons in the closet
Street Smarts
I’ve seen some shit…
Friends in low places
Crazy prepared
Never a normal day on my jobs
-1 Armed arts Du kan bruge en politistav, eller f.eks. en solid Maglite lommelygte med Fists istedet for Weapons
-1 Footwork Du kan dodge med Fists istedet for Athletics
-1 Call in a Favor en gang per scenarie kan du få +4 på et Contacts check
-1 Paranoid, probably! +2 Alertness til at opdage baghold.
-1 Redirected Force Hvis du parerer et nærkamps angreb med Fists kan du øjeblikkeligt forvandle det til en Manøvre og lægge et fragile aspect på din modstander
-1 The Big Picture Når du bruger Burglary til at etablere aspects omkring en location, får du 2 aspects istedet for 1 på en succes.
-1 Well-equipped (noget om at du altid har strip-ties, pepperspray, og andet nyttigt med i lommerne eller bilen.)
11 Total Refresh Total Skill Points 27
-7 Refresh spent Skill points spent 27
01 Current Refresh
Great (+4)
Good (+3) Fists Burglary Endurance Intimidation
Fair (+2) Presence Alertness Driving Contacts Resources
Average (+1) Might Athletics Rapport Craftmenship Lore
Stress track 1 2 3 4


Where did you come from?

She did not grow up under the best conditions, with a father who had used her in several ways, and a mother who died when she was 6 years old. The last time she saw her father was when she was 16. He was lying on the floor in pool of his own blood in their 1 bedroom apartment and beaten to within an inch of his life by the daughter he had abused and molested for so long.

Emma’s education and social group is the kind you get when you spend more time at home than you do at school and a majority of that time with Bikers and gangsters when dad is running errands to pay the nice men and women for their products.

Her first straight forward confrontation with the law, but not the last, was shortly after the episode with her father when the police came to ask her what had happened to him. Fortunately for her, her new family the bikers that had watched her grow op for the majority of her life took her in, and made the problem go away and showed her how life could have been if things had been different.
Aspect: Street smarts

Rising Conflicts

What made you who you are?
Growing up with her new found family and friends she quickly became a key person in the business of keeping that Family safe from would-be witnesses, government surveillance or just plan old rival gangs, and occasionally as the get-a-way driver from high stakes jobs that were to important to go wrong,

The most significant thing did before shit hit the fan at her last job was some serious soul searching, and the realization that beating a man with a crowbar and cutting off 3 of his fingers with a bolt-cutter just to send a message should actually make a impact on her and not just give the mental response that everything is fine and this is normal. What she needed was a “normal” job, good things she knows a lot of contacts.
Aspect: I’ve seen some shit…

First Adventure

Who was with you? (Kirstine & Lars)
When a routine job turns complicated, Emma tries to keep her friend safe. But will Emma succeed when fairytale creatures become real, and the skeletons
from her past catch up with her. And who is her mystery employer Mr. Gestong, who seems to be at the heart of everything?
Aspect: Friends in low places

Kirstine’s guest appearance
Vi var blevet hyret til et ganske normal job:
“Hvad laver min kone Bella sent om aften” af den mistænksomme, men meget flotte Mr. Gestong, han mistænker selv den bredskulrede Bastian som han har set luske rundt om natten. Vi finder Bella i udkanten af en cirkel igang med et ritual, hvor der allerede er spøgelser/ feer der er begyndt at samle sig, og et af dem peger anklagende på Emma!

Lars’ guest appearance

Guest Star in Katrijn Groesbeck first adventure

Who were you with? (LVJ & Kirstine)
Getting the job of finding out who robbed a local business is one, when everything points to that a fairytale creature is the suspect, then you have to be a very special kind of prepared, because you never know what kind of rabbit hole the facts and clues will take you down, or if this just is a prank. but in the end the key got returned and the suspect kept all her fingers after a long chat about the imoportance of not getting caught in the future.
Aspect: Crazy prepared

Guest Star in Esmé Van Wees first adventure

Who were you with? (AL & LVJ)
Funny how the joy can disappear from, when you find out that the normal job you thought your were brought along on, revolves around robbing a casino owned by the Turkish Mob, and that your job is to be the getaway driver from the heist… but it turned out allright didn’t it ?

Sjovt som glæden kan forsvinde, når man finder ud af at det Nomale job, man havde regnet med man var blevet bed om at være med til, viser sig at man skal være get away driver fra et røveri på et kasino tilhørende den Tyrkiske mafia. Med det hele endte da meget godt gjorde det ikke ?
Aspect: Never a normal day on my jobs


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